Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New recipe.....

This is an experiment for Chocolate Marble Cheesecake...and the taste is so yummy and moist...

Moist Chocolate Cake

I got a call when i was at Cameron Highland on 27 Dec, a friend of mine wanted a moist chocolate cake for her birthday on 28 Dec...oh my god, it will be the day that i will go back to Kl.....i am pity to her, so i decided to make her an emergency moist chocolate cake.....and i put fresh strawberry from Cameron Highland special to her...Happy Birthday Min....

Engagement Cupcakes

An engagement cupcakes specially request from my MIL's neighbour for her daugther's engagement that was held on 26 Dec 08.

Some more cookies order

This order come from Maza, my colleague also...tq maza for ordering

This order come from Kak Norizah for her child's birthday...tq kak, nanti oder lagi ye...

Cookies order from my colleague

This cookies has been ordered from Kak Mas for her family gathering....tq kak Mas....

Aisy's birthday Party

This is for my son first birthday party...vanilla butter cake layered with strawberry filling and buttercream together with chocolate cupcakes....

First Order...

Alhamdulillah, my first order comes from my colleague, Tim for her sister's wedding...
an edible image cupcakes.
To Halimahton Saadiah & Sudianto, Selamat Pengantin Baru.....

Edible Image Cupcakes

Fondant Cupcakes

Buttercream Cupcakes



Tuesday, December 2, 2008

pricelist details


Moist Chocolate Cake 1.5Kg - from RM40
Chocolate Marble Cheese Cake 1Kg - from RM55
price are subject to design


1. Chocolate/double chocolate
2. Vanilla/vanilla chocolate chip/chocolate rice
3. Strawberry


1. Buttercream

Medium Size (souffle)

RM50 for 25pcs

Small Size (souffle)

RM43 for 25pcs

Bulk order:

Medium size (buttercream decoration)

250 - 499 RM1.90
500 - 749 RM1.80
750 - 999 RM1.70
1000 and above RM1.60
(just add RM0.30 each for individual packaging)

small size (buttercream decoration)
100 - 250 RM1.50
250 - 500 RM1.40
500 - 700 RM1.30
700 and above RM1.20
(just add RM0.30 each for individual packaging)

2. Fondant - for hantaran (engagement or wedding)

Price based on the design and the theme...medium size
Price starts from RM2.80 to RM5.50 (fondant icing and sugarpaste decoration)
just plus RM0.30 each for individual packaging.

3. Edible Image

* For edible image cupcakes, the price is RM70 for 24pcs
just email me your photo, your beloved photo and it will be printed on the cupcakes...

4. Muffin Flavour :

chocolate chip

blueberry (got blueberry inside)
vanilla choco rice


RM1.50 per pc
RM7 per 5 pcs

Minimum order, 10pcs

5. Fancy Cookies (size 3 inch-besar tapak tangan)

RM1.50 per pc, minimum order 20pcs

6. Exclusive Box ( suitable for Medium Size Cupcakes )

RM1.50 per pc, minimum order 500pcs

Note: Price are subjects from time to time....